Noel Mendoza is authorized by Ray Schuler’s wife, Catherine Schuler to use her late husband’s company name and innovative joint technology in his cues.

P&L Custom Cues is owned and operated by Noel Mendoza, a well known cue maker from Chicago. Noel began making cues in 1995 with the late Ray Schuler and Ray’s wife Catherine. Noel worked along side industry greats such as; Ray Schuler, Ivan Lee, Stu Mortson, Bruce Allen and Tony Simpson. After Ivan Lee’s departure to work for Atlas Billiards, Noel was promoted to Production Manager under Ray Schuler. In Fall of 2008 Ray Schuler Custom Cues closed its doors and Noel started his own custom cue company in June 2009 due to the high demand from the billiard industry for a high performance cue.

Noel Mendoza